Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Black Girls Ski and Snowboard (BGS&S)

A group of women and girls of color who ski &/or snowboard.  We introduce skiing and snowboarding to all women, and especially women and girls of color.  Even though skiing and snowboarding are areas of specialization, they are not the only sports utilized in our program. BGS&S support women and girls who are dedicated to skiing and snowboarding. During offseason we also participate in other sports such as golf, biking running, swimming, etc.  Black Girls Ski and Snowboard is affiliated with The National Brotherhood of Skiers (

We travel to many ski resorts throughout the ski season. Although, BGS&S does not offer trips to ski resorts, most members purchase tickets and travel on their own or with their local NBS Club.  Skiing with old and new friends each year is fun and a great social experience. i.e., think of it as Facebook, but skiing.

 Black Girls Ski®  is registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

You are WELCOME to Join Us

“Welcome to the wonderful world of Black Girls Ski and Snowboard. We are pleased that you are visiting our website. Get a whole new experience by sliding through our website and learning more about us. Through our website, Facebook Page, and Twitter, we are able to highlight female skiers and snowboarders and keep you current on our events and activities. Don’t drag your skis on the opportunity to ski, learn to ski, or snowboard, and join us on our next adventure. Take the opportunity to learn About Us, Contact Us, go shopping, and post your events.


Three women standing in front of a tent.